The key to excel in internet marketing is to utilize the untapped potentials of the online community. Social networking websites happen to generate a lot of buzzes on these days. It is virtually impossible to find someone who does not have an account in one of these portals. Millions of cyber citizens spend a major share of the time looking for love and meeting newer people on these social networking websites. In the following sections, I would like to highlight the vantages of advertising on one such network - Facebook, a network used by some of the top agencies on the web including Belgium-based yxymedia.

How do internet marketers achieve their merchandising through Facebook? I hope the reader has nominal knowledge about pay-per-click advertising techniques that are in existence with some of the major web search engines. You will have to bid for keywords and advertisement banners in the PPC paradigm. One of the most important advantages of advertising in Facebook is the ability to reach the right kind of audience. People are concerned about advertisements that generate some sort of interest levels in their mind. Facebook acts as an effective web marketing medium where the advertiser will be able to target genuine and interested customers.

It seems that Facebook too considers potential advertisers meaningfully. One can easily find the dedicated advertising self-help website that should help you get started with the basics. An innovative feature of advertising on Facebook is the simplicity of the entire process. Once you have a good notion about the prospective advertisement, you need to create an "ad message" with a relevant photo. There are certain restrictions to the number of characters that can be included with the ad message. You can advertise your application or an event through Facebook. If you own a group in Facebook, you can begin the advertising of the same through the platform. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Targeting is an important aspect of internet marketing. As mentioned earlier, Facebook provides you with the ultimate flexibility when it comes to targeting the audience based on their age, sex and even location. This is highly advantageous as far as an advertiser is concerned. For instance, the entire world does not need to know that the best confectionery is available at your store. Facebook would display the advertisement only when people from the locality log into their accounts. I would strongly recommend the reader to check out the official campaign and pricing policies in Facebook. You can begin to advertise in this social network for an amount as low as $1.00.

Experts also suggest the potential advertisers to spend some time reading and understanding the best practices for advertising on Facebook. Once you create an advertisement, Facebook must approve it before displaying it to the users. If you ignore the clauses, the chance of Facebook rejecting the advertisement is high. In order to help the novice advertisers, Facebook has included a separate section entitled "common reasons for advertisement rejection". It might take some time to achieve the results. It is better to adhere to search engine optimization strategies while creating advertisements (like selecting the best keywords).