Twitter is a social networking website that is distinct from its predecessors because it concentrates on microblogging. The short messages posted in this website are alternatively termed as tweets. Twitter has imposed a limit of 140 characters on the tweets. Surely, these aspects might confuse any novice online marketer. How can we advertise our website (or products and services) through Twitter? Of course, we would have to tweet it. Nevertheless, how is it a win-win situation for the advertisers and the parent company?

You must realize that advertising on Twitter is a recent innovation. Although many expert internet marketers had craved for Twitter to enable online advertising, now they are unsure about the correct procedures that will produce feasible results. Allow me to cite the advantages of advertising on Twitter. There are various social networking websites out on the internet. A few among them happen to be Facebook, Google's Orkut and MySpace. Among these, Facebook leads the competition - an unusually high number of unique visitors spends time searching for soul mates and long lost friend in this website. However, the market studies are pointing in the other direction. People spend more time on Twitter by microblogging and chronicling their day-to-day activities.

The sheer number of traffic that this website can attract everyday is a testimonial to its popularity. Where there is internet traffic, there are online advertisers and marketers. On an average, 50 million tweets are posted in this website. Imagine the potentials that are in store for you as a prospective advertiser. It seems that corporate companies have taken a cue from all these data. Even before online advertising was official announced in this website, many prominent personalities and corporations could create ripples among their followers. The recent election process saw the rise of political tweets too.

How does your advertisement appear on Twitter? After the official announcement, when you search for specific keywords, Twitter will display "promoted tweets". Interested users will try to check out the particulars of these tweets. If they like the service, they would begin to "follow" the online advertiser - for more such exciting offers. Once the advertiser has created a large base of followers, they just need to tweet their forthcoming promotions. These followers would do the rest of the job. They would initiate the advertising process through word of mouth or other means. Thus, the advertiser will be able to attract newer customers.

There are plenty of uncertainties, which plague the so-called advertising on Twitter paradigm. The best manner to proceed is to keep your ears and eyes open. Newer marketing strategies will be discovered, and you can take up clues from these techniques. The scene has been set but the play is yet to begin. Twitter allows marketers to advertise through mobile phones (mobile advertising). There are certain third-party websites that claim to secure 15 million followers within 24 hours. As with all types of marketing procedure, you must have a foolproof plan. Bear in mind that the customers will look out for services that empower them with advantages.